Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Trip to Peace River, Alta. - Day 1

Departing St. Catharines!

We made great progress on our first day – skipped any long-weekend traffic and set it on cruise control the whole way.

Our first stop was in Muskoka on Horseshoe Lake Rd. (near the Blay's cottage) at a Petro Canada to refuel, and then we stopped in Sudbury for lunch.

After taking the 69 to Sudbury, we then took the 17 to Sault Ste Marie.

When we first got onto the 17, we saw this black Nissan Altima with no license plates (or dealer plates) of any kind and two gangsta’s were driving it, so obviously we thought it was stolen. 

We ended up behind the car for a couple hours, but it sped ahead. However, we did catch up to it a bit later – pulled over on the side of the road by two O.P.P. cruisers; our suspicions were right!

It was neat going through a few small towns between Sudbury and the Soo, and after departing St. Catharines just after 7 a.m., we arrived in the Soo by 4 p.m.

If you've never been to the Soo before, you're not missing much, but it seems to be a very old city with some character. We stayed by the waterfront and you can view Michigan across the water. 

Aside from the beauties of Muskoka and the Canadian Shield along the highway that we have all seen many times, there wasn’t much visual excitement worth taking pictures of, and Sault Ste Marie didn’t have much either, which is why you’re only getting a picture of the welcome sign.

(Hopefully our next few days will bring some better and more interesting images. Today was the longest day of travel, so we will have time to stop and check things out more from here on in.)

As previously mentioned, the Soo doesn’t have much to it – but with just 75,000 people, they do have a gorgeous arena downtown called the Essar Centre (below) where the Soo Greyhounds play (proves a small town can still build a decent facility).

Essar Centre, Sault Ste Marie, Ont. Home of Soo Greyhounds (OHL)
We're going to be watching the Bruins/Lightning game before bed and getting up bright an early to embark on our second day of the trip. 

Thanks for checking in, and we will be updating again tomorrow night from the Thunder Bay area. 

Catch yah then, 

Jeff & Cass


  1. Thanks for sending out your first blog, it is so neat to be able to read your adventures as you travel to Alberta. Looking forward to hear the days to come. Safe travels :) Lori from St. Catharines

  2. Thanks Lori! It's been fun so far, glad you're following along!