Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unsigned Canadian Folk Artist Sending Album to Anyone - For FREE

An independent Canadian artist called Driftwood is sending a brand new record "MONSTERS" to anyone who wants it, anywhere in Canada, FREE of charge.

Driftwood Jammin' with a Didgeridoo
Driftwood, led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Josh Wood (Left), has a raspy, folky, chillin' and unique sound that remains true to the great white north. If I had to compare him to anyone it would be the legendary Tom Waits, with Wood's raspy voice and experimentation with different instruments and sounds.

The brainchild started in St. Catharines, Ontario, before moving on to the woods of Kananaskis, Alberta, where the album "MONSTERS" was recorded.

Taken from a Driftwood event page on Facebook, this is Driftwood's vision:

hey everybody. i would like to try something, and if it leaves me broke i will have succeeded.....i recorded an 8 song album in my residence room A20 in Kananaskis Alberta sometime between 11/09 and 05/10. i would like to mail this album to everyone who wants it, free of charge and no shipping cost. just send your mailing address to and it'll be there soon! if you would like to donate, please give it to someone less fortunate than you....PASS THIS ON....// in the mean time check out "the hunger" and "the digger" from the new album "MONSTERS".....cheers!!
For a sample of the music as well as a video of a live performance, visit the Driftwood MySpace page at

Or, checkout the Facebook event at

Hope you enjoy Driftwood as much as I do, and help support an excellent vision and excellent cause for supporting new music in Canada!

- JB

Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Dear the Liquor Control Board of Ontario,
Why must you torture us?
We know you let us off the hook with the drinking age being 19 compared to the U.S.A.’s age of 21, but this does us little to no good when the price of even our home-brewed alcohol costs almost as much as it does in Dubai. How can a case of Molson Canadian (Brewed in Toronto and all over Canada) cost $20.00 less as an import in the United States then it does in the Beer Store a block away from where the beer is brewed? This is unbelievable. Not that we are raging alcoholics here in Canada and need cheap alcohol on a day to day basis, but when you are a struggling student making an average wage of $10.00 an hour, $37.95 for a case of domestic beer is far too much. Is this some sort of government conspiracy, trying to up the price in booze to down the number of alcoholics? Well that doesn’t work. If we’re going to drink, we’re going to drink.
Another problem is that we have been taught to support our local economy – well it feels almost insane to buy a case of beer in my hometown of St. Catharines when I can make a half an hour drive to the Tops Grocery Market in Lewiston, NY and pick up a 30 pack of whatever I want for a whopping $17.99. (And duty is only charged on multiple cases of beer, they let you go with just one.) And to think, “buck-a-beer” is such a deal here? Yeah, great deal! $26.95 for a case of let’s say, Carling, a beer that literally tastes like piss and in fact, is actually a little more than a buck a beer. What about the fact that Ontario is one of the few provinces that you cannot buy beer in a corner store, another ridiculous, unnecessary inconvenience that we have to put up with as Ontarians. C’mon LCBO, stop trying to monopolize our alcohol sales! We know you can afford to sell your alcohol for cheaper prices, now stop ripping off the hard-working citizens of Ontario and let them kick back, relax, and find comfort in knowing that the ice-cold delight they are about to toss back did not cost them half a day’s work.
Jeff Blay

Monday, November 1, 2010

SF Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum is an SJ Sharks fan..

Back to Back Cy Young Award Winner Tim Lincecum rocking his own San Jose Sharks jersey while attending a game at the HP Pavilion in 2009. 
Pitching great in the World Series, definitely one of the most interesting pitchers in baseball today. 
This elite athlete likes to have some fun too - an excerpt from an associated press article dating Nov. 6, 2009:
SEATTLE -- San Francisco Giants star pitcher Tim Lincecum is facing misdemeanor marijuana charges following a traffic stop in his home state.
Washington State Patrol spokesman Steve Schatzel said Thursday that the 2008 Cy Young Award winner and former star at the University of Washington was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 5 in the town of Hazel Dell, about four miles north of the Oregon border, on Oct. 30.
An officer approached Lincecum's 2006 Mercedes and smelled marijuana as the pitcher rolled down his window. Schatzel said Lincecum immediately complied with a request to hand over the drug and a marijuana pipe from the car's center console.
The amount measured was 3.3 grams. Schatzel said police consider that a small amount for personal use, well below the maximum of 40 grams before possession is classified differently and carries a more severe penalty.
The incident was first reported by The Columbian in Vancouver, Wash.
"It's not really out of the ordinary. It happens every day," Schatzel said of the volume of marijuana Lincecum handed over. "It was about the size of a thumb, the whole thumb."
Lincecum could face potential fines totaling $622 for the misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia counts plus the citation for driving 74 mph in a 60 mph zone, Schatzel said.
The 25-year-old All-Star starter entered a plea of not guilty through his attorney on Monday, according to records in Clark County District Court. A hearing that had been scheduled for Friday morning was canceled, pending a pretrial conference between Lincecum's attorney and a county prosecutor on Nov. 23.
Lincecum is currently scheduled to appear before a judge on Dec. 22.
The Giants said they were aware of the situation but did not immediately have a comment.
The native of the Seattle suburb of Bellevue went 15-7 with a 2.48 ERA in 32 starts and 225 1/3 innings in 2009, his third season in the major leagues. He is 40-17 with a 2.90 ERA in his career and could be getting a huge, multimillion-dollar raise from salary arbitration this offseason. 
Whatta Beauty! 
- JB