Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unsigned Canadian Folk Artist Sending Album to Anyone - For FREE

An independent Canadian artist called Driftwood is sending a brand new record "MONSTERS" to anyone who wants it, anywhere in Canada, FREE of charge.

Driftwood Jammin' with a Didgeridoo
Driftwood, led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Josh Wood (Left), has a raspy, folky, chillin' and unique sound that remains true to the great white north. If I had to compare him to anyone it would be the legendary Tom Waits, with Wood's raspy voice and experimentation with different instruments and sounds.

The brainchild started in St. Catharines, Ontario, before moving on to the woods of Kananaskis, Alberta, where the album "MONSTERS" was recorded.

Taken from a Driftwood event page on Facebook, this is Driftwood's vision:

hey everybody. i would like to try something, and if it leaves me broke i will have succeeded.....i recorded an 8 song album in my residence room A20 in Kananaskis Alberta sometime between 11/09 and 05/10. i would like to mail this album to everyone who wants it, free of charge and no shipping cost. just send your mailing address to and it'll be there soon! if you would like to donate, please give it to someone less fortunate than you....PASS THIS ON....// in the mean time check out "the hunger" and "the digger" from the new album "MONSTERS".....cheers!!
For a sample of the music as well as a video of a live performance, visit the Driftwood MySpace page at

Or, checkout the Facebook event at

Hope you enjoy Driftwood as much as I do, and help support an excellent vision and excellent cause for supporting new music in Canada!

- JB

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