Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Trip To Peace River - Arriving (finally)

We have arrived safely in Peace River and are enjoying it very much! We are both employed and settling in to our new apartment.

Here are the rest of our pictures:

Arriving in Manitoba

Flat land for as far as the eyes can see


Pretty sunset on our way to Saskatoon

So many bugs in Saskatchewan!

Edmonton; home of the University of Alberta

A view of the city from a golf course in Edmonton

My favorite picture of jeff! Enjoying coronas and nachos.

Julio Barrios is a must when visiting Edmonton.
Best mexican food we have ever had.

Jeff's quesadilla

Cassie's burrito

Getting so close to Peace River!

Almost there...


Jeff putting together the tables.

Our first dinner in the apartment. Had to eat on the floor.
(Still don't have a kitchen table)

Walking down by the river

The beautiful town that we live in; Peace River, Alberta

Our bathroom

The kitchen

Jeff makin' music in our apartment :)